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Sweet Dreams

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Monday, March 1st, 2010
9:56 am - ...
Sitting at home with bb at the moment. Took leave to care for her due to some reasons. haiz... sometimes I just feel very wei3 qu1. People just take you for granted. Ppl don't see the fact that the things I am doing for the family. I even compromised my own health and career progression for them, and what I get in return is shouting and yelling.

WH's sms came timely that day. Made me feel better that there are people who still cares a lot about me. Hopefully can find time to meet the girls.

Baby is really cute. She sang for me other day!!!! Ya has a tune one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some may say it is an accident. But she did sang for like 15 mins! It is true that this probably won't happen again, but I am really proud of her. My efforts of singing to her everyday paid off. This little accident of singing would not have happened if I didn't sing to her right?? 

She is quite playful now and knows to pose for the camera! hahah so cute. Looking at her makes me really happy.

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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
11:09 am - Baby photo
Decided to post baby's photo here. This is my cute little princess!! She smiles a lot!!!!

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Thursday, July 30th, 2009
8:29 pm - it's been a long time...

I decided to write an entry after this long. The trigger? I just read a simple and touching story in a friend’s blog.

With my busy work schedule, pregnancy, this H1N1 issue and of cause my loner character, I almost did not meet up with anyone else other that Shiqi for the last months. Maybe the last was the gathering at Elaine’s place? To any of my friends who come across this blog, I’m sorry, will take initiative to meet up again k? Maybe end of year when I am more settled with my new little princess.

I read my friend’s blog and found out that she is just attached not long ago. Yes, she is a wonderful writer. Whenever I read her blog, it always make me think about things and reflect on myself. Her story reminds me a lot about the process Lincoln and I fell in love. It reminds me very much of how he made me feel safe, how he build my confidence in many areas. Even now, I think I owe a lot of my progress in life to this man who helps me build them.

Just a quick update about me.

Things went quite well for me this year.

I just received a notification last Friday that I am supposed to report to HQ next Jan. Came as a shock to me. Disrupted my plans for next year a little but well, it turn out to be a pretty good change. I am quite lucky to have ppl to help me and arrange for an interview very quickly. The deputy Director met me and offered me a position on the spot. I am going to Planning Division, National Education Branch.

Yes the most impt thing at the moment!!!! Baby due in about 1 month time and she is an active little princess! Kicks mummy the whole day.  It is really amazing to feel her move and sees it!! Yes yes, my tummy sometimes ripples due to her kicking!! So cute right? As I type, she is also moving around. Doing up the room to receive her too. Feel so blessed and excited! Will sms you guys when Baby arrives and maybe post some pics of our happy little family soon.

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Monday, January 5th, 2009
10:38 am - First and maybe last entry of 2009
Home alone for today as Dear has to work. Maybe go yoga and shopping for a while later!

With this new 2009, I may decide to stop some things that I have been doing. Feels like a public figure that is being scrutinised somehow.

My mood has been up and down lately.

ups - the excitment of the new yr and opportunites that's there for me to challenge myself. + of cos my Dearest with me most of my time
downs - hum... can't quite put a reason to this. Maybe it is the pressure tt I have been giving myself and all the "not necessary worries" I'm always worried about.

yup, I should just not keep my frds updated using internet. If updating is necessary, we'll meet up. SEEYA...

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
11:22 am
About a greatful student who made my day

I was replying to an email from a student of mine who updated me that she was accepted for a course in a US uni with full financial aid. I think I am lucky to meet student who appreciated things you did for them and it was indeed hearwarming. When I first joined teaching, I was expecting such student to be super rare and use to tell myself "It will be good enough if I made a diff to at least 1 student in the entire time of teaching career and that that person will remember me for the little contribution I've made in his/her life" My little wish sort of came true. Joining Raffles has been a wise choice.

About "keep in touch"

At the end of the reply, I told her to keep in touch. SIncerely, I wanted to know how things are getting along for her. But i suddenly realised that I am the one guilty of not keeping in touch. It has been a long time since i met up with many friends. Was reading some blog today only to realise that I missed out a lot of things that happened to some friend lately. I think it might not be a good thing that I am someone who enjoys doing a lot of things alone. For example, going for yoga and gym and shopping. This made me quite a loner??

Maybe as we grow older, we make less friends? most of the ppl i meet for work are purely colleagues. We are great friends that tell each other things about ourselves. BUt that confines to sch most of the time. As in we talk only in sch. Seldom would we sms each other just to go out for a meal or do any shopping. Maybe part of the reason is that my dept is mostly made up of mums and dads who have families. As for sch friends, the time we meet up seem to drop with every year. The only friend i meet up regularly is qiqi, about once a month or so?? Hai... I am no good at keeping in contact some how and is often nag by my Qiqi with regards to this.

About progress in work

Now working on writing a paper for a conference in vancouver coming Aug. HOD RA asked me to write the paper for the international conference and if accepted, the school will send us for the conference. This is a good chance that not many will get and being so new to Gifted Edu, I feel a little surprised to be asked to present a paper. Doing some reading for my paper now. I think Raffles has given me many chance that many teachers may not get in their teaching career. I gotta thank my Dear also for all the encouragement he has given me for all these. Was advised to wait and not do my master now and apply for a scholarship to do it. "It is worth waiting and applying for the scholarship" I was told. Hum... Strongly thinking abt it...

About mum's nagging

My mother has been nagging me about having a baby soon (she met with my in laws when they went to fetch me and thus the topic). She keeps nagging that I am not young liao! Hello???  Arghhhhhhhhhhh The whole world just sort of put the cause as I wanted to do my studies and not have kids! But nobody really bothers to think about it from my point of view. I am not delaying until i finish my studies! I only wanted time to finish my paper and present it in vancouver, get the RA programme started and in place, get over my hectic SYF and maybe start my first sem of Masters before the baby arrive. Giving me half a year is that difficult?? I felt that I am blamed some how.
For the last yr, I only have time for work and Dear and a bit for Family and very little for friends. I did not have to do washing or cleaning. Yes, it is true that I only wash plates everyday and all the clothes, but these are extras I have to do. Coming year I will be leacturing half the time compared to about once a sem in previous yr. Does anyone realised the additional things I am getting use to? Did they think about how I planned? No!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh to everyone, they will only think baby is cute. Surely they are, but they might not be that cute if you are the parents. Even my sis laughed and asked me "you think you are teenager ah?? scared of pregnancy! hahhaha"

I got married earlier cos Dear and I love kids and wanted I wanted 3. But give me a break k? There are things parents should just stop nagging.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008
11:55 am - Back from Honeymoon and sickly
Wow... got back from honeymoon and both of us are sick for a while. Blog about my trip later...

I went to see this doc at marine parade. OMG couldn't have met anyone worse than him.Dear and I went in together to see this doc. He kept talking to me and Dear and when he knows that I teach in RJC, he kept telling me about his son blah blah blah (wasfr RJ and now in Med sch). He did not even spend effort to ask us about our condition and we have to try so hard to let him know. Worse, he got a bit mixed up with my condition n Dear's and gave weird med!!!!!  omg.... i only finish my antibiotic and took some of the cough syrup (i reminded him to give me cos he forgot to). The rest of the med.... hum... dump aside lor. I was having running nose only, and he gave me med for flu (those that combine paracetamol with drugs for my running nose!! omg... it is my Dear who is having fever, not me)

Blur Doc... Never will I return to visit him anymore.

Our tour is generally quite ok. will elaborate more later. Hum... there are a few little pity here and there and Dear wanted to go back again later! yeah!!!! but no more winter!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh wrap like dumplings....

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
1:40 pm - My hols this far
Hols seems to have started long ago but I seem to be always busy with I don't know what. Seems to have endless things to do.

First week was busy with testimonials and stuff so much so that I was too exhausted to meet up with Qiqi and hence canceled the appt. Ya... also the prob with the travel agency that we had to settle. Wow.... so much trouble.

Hum.... this week.... seems to have quite a few things to do lor. Packing included. I mean packing the room and not honeymoon stuff. Arghhhhhhh always seems to lack space even thou the room is quite big. But big room dun equate to enough storage space. And it does not help when i have lots of things still at my house that I have not cleared to my new room....

Nicky found out sth fun thou. Parkway has everything nicky needs!!! hahaha even have my Maria Chia and True Yoga/Fitness!!! At least i can start doing some workout. Feel so fat for not exercising. It feels good to have some time to myself to do things that I love. Yoga and fitness has always be nicky's time with myself. Hum... Dear wanted to teach me tennis. But sch court is under reno... gotta find other alternative liao... Haiz... but my prob is to even get the ball across the court. When we were in Hwa Chong, I think I did not event manage to get the ball across the court!! omg...

Oki... Me flying off soon. Looking forward to sometime with Dear outside alone! So happy to be able to spend time and visit places. Might not get to travel for this long for a long while in the years to come I think. Xian.

Oki... enough of my messy thoughts running ard. me off to packing and sneezing as i pack.

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Sunday, November 16th, 2008
3:44 pm - DnD - Movies Night
Our sch DnD is just over and our theme was movie night.

Bio Dept came in Bollywood and we put up a dance performance!! ahhaha And yes, I help directed the dance item

Here are the dancers:

The bio ladies

We had lots of time dressing up and getting our sarees. Yes I tailormade mine too!! yeah!

Some more pics with frds...

Hum... was busy and did not get to take pic with many ppl. We have very sporting ppl who came in interesting costume!!! We even have Incredible Hawk!!

Poor Dear Waited quite a while for me too. Here us in my sarees...

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
3:45 pm - bio unit and RA unit
Bio unit will be doing yet anther garang thing together. We have decided on bollywood theme for our staff dinner!!! Yippy!! I finally gotten my own Sari!! Will be collecting it from the tailor end of the week!!!! hahahah cool hor? If i cannot tied it properly, I will get the whole thing sew later... oh... that's not the end! We are doing a bollywood dance item!! hahahah and as usual, nicky will be the choreographer! Quite fun to do the indian actions and dramma on stage! hahah dun really know what it will be like. I think I'm really lucky to be with RJC and to know all these sporty and fun loving teachers. Almost did not try for RJC interview if Darling did not encourage me to years ago...

Oh... btw, I will only start my masters in gifted ed later i think. Haiz... They say I must serve at least 2 yrs before I am qualify for the PDCM scheme...

recently have been busy with Raffles Academy stuff. Have to start write the syllabus and pedagogy for the programme. Consulted many on this and finally have my plans somewhat decided!!! I think this is going to be a great experience for me. Ppl dun do syllabus unless you are in CPDD mah right? Nicky Jia you!!!!!!!!

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Friday, October 31st, 2008
9:39 am - Flying Nicky Fox

Got together with the Bio Dept to go for flying fox together!! hhehhe I also asked them to organise a ropes course the next time round.

HUm.... climbing up to the top of the "tower" was sort of scary for someone who fears flights of steps... hahah standing on top also...

Here's Nicky getting ready to jump!!


and... here goes!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


It was so much fun that Nicky fox flew twice!!

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Saturday, October 18th, 2008
3:35 pm - The first weekend after wedding...

Will be getting back the pics from Sam on Wed evening!! Will post and talk a bit more about our wedding later.

This is the first weekend in my new place. Hum... the only thing that I need to get use to is not having my grandma around to cook and wash for me. Had to start doing them myself! Hum.. all is well as I am not a pampered gal.

Dear parents are really nice too. Daddy wakes and makes egg for us in the morning before we go school and Mummy will pack bread for us for recess too! Wow... at the rate I am eating here I will get fat soon.

Have a few things in mind to do to be a great wife!! Decided to try make sandwiches for Dear to bring to school once a while! WIll be simple ones but it will definitely be some lovely breakfast! Wanted to cook some things too. But still getting use to the new routine so I better not be too ambitious!

Sat still should remain as my workout day. Cycled at home this morning. Think i really can't sleep late like my Dear. Woke at 7 and can't seem to sleep any longer!! oki maybe i should go yoga soon too!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh wasting membership is not a good idea. Most imptly, I do think that yoga is pretty good for me.

Oh my Dear is just Promoted!!!!!!!!!!! Yippyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Dun noe when it will be Nicky's turn. They say gals have to wait for 2 yrs first. Maybe Nicky will share a bit of my good news too. I will be fully in charge of Raffles Acadamy (Biology) next year! Sth exciting to look forward to. WIll have to do the selection test and plan the lessons. Accelerate and go more in depth!

Now looking forward to our honeymoon... It just seem so so so so farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away...

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008
7:45 am - Wedding and marrying the whole clan

Wedding prep turns out to be more troublesome lately with planning of the day event.

Ppl says getting married is not about 2 person only. It is about the whole clan and the wedding is not only yours but theirs. This is quite true after going through it on our own, to the point that both Dear and I got a bit irritated. But what to do? No point making ourselves unhappy esp on our big day and don't make any family overly unhappy too.

Hum... I think we should just ignor ppl and their comments unless it is with regards to some tradition or respect for the elders issues... IT IS OUR WEDDING AND WE DECIDE ON WHAT WE WANTED FOR THE DAY.

I think we have managed enough major events that a wedding is not a big problem and we know best how to make it turn out well. Or at least let us have our big day the way we wanted it to feel like.

Having straighten out my thoughts I am a happier girl. Shared my views with my Darling and he agrees with me. It's going to be our day...

Just Lincoln Darling and Nicky Gal.

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Monday, October 6th, 2008
5:05 pm - Last week to my wedding
Phew... most of the things done for now... just a bit more to go!! Hum... initially Dear and I wanted to get my fav  Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet (off white).

Haiz... after some nagging from mum about fetching and stuff... decided to not waste the money to rent this car... sob sob... oh well, have to agree that money can be better spent, even peg said the same thing. Oh well this can remain as Nicky's dream car then.

oh... btw I thought this car is cute too. Just that driving it might not be as easy as the dimension is a bit off compared to the cars we drive now.
wedding, wedding cars, bridal cars
Nicky decided to be healthy and bought myself the smart coffee maker to make flower tea!!

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Monday, September 29th, 2008
9:39 am - Grumbles...
Spent the weekend preparing for the wedding. CLeaning and packing of our room, prepare for the exchange of wedding gifts for the both families. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much things to do. Things went well with a few blur blur cos of the diff in custome practiced by both family. I always thought diff is due to dialect group but not true. Even just teochews custom can be this different!!! The nice things?? hahha Nicky gets to eat a lot of teochew wedding sweets! I love them! But ya... the down side is it is just sugar and fats and more fats!!!!!!!! (wedding is round the corner and I have not started on my weight lost programme.... arghhhhhh quite sad that I dun even have time for yoga. It has been more than 2 months since i last went for my fav yoga.... wasted my membership as well!!!)

Work is fine with more things coming in. As always. Now gotta conduct training for SBO practical. Glad that they scheduled nicky for it after the wedding. I have many things not yet done for the wedding that is happening in just 2 weeks!! Happy and yet sad... can't quite describe it.

Nicky dun have enough rest lately too. Fell asleep while watching F1 last night. keeps having nightmares lately... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
10:51 pm - happy news
Just bought myself a lot of things lately!! hahah the happiest would be the new Gucci  Shades I got for myself. Driving is definitly much more comfy with shades on!!!

Dear had some little good news too. He was given the Outstanding Contribution award by the school. hum... it is sth quite good mah, hahah but he sounded not very enthusiatic about it. Still makes the portfolio looks much better mah. Quite pround of my Dear as well as he is representing his school for some impt meeting too!

Grandma is right to say that we bring luck for each other! hahahhaha

I just went for my teacher's art exhibition yesterday. Saw a Acrylic painting of chinese lotus in brown, black, white and dark green... woooooo was drawn into the pic for quite a while. Wanted very much to own it even. (but I won't spend that amt on painting now... ) Discussed with Xiu that we can go learn this from lao shi next time!!

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Friday, September 19th, 2008
11:20 pm - new paintings

This is the latest lotus that I painted

The 3 small koi

The chinese Lan Hua. This is also one of the 4 gentlemans of chinese painting.

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Friday, September 12th, 2008
7:35 pm - Rewarded
Nicky has some good news from work lately! Heheh quite happy about it when I heard it. However, it is still in the process of being approved by the VP before it is announced!!! llallalal ok shall tell you guys later when it finalised.

I am starting to think that I am quite lucky in a way to always meet good opportunites. With RJC expanding on Raffles Acadamy, Nicky will have more things to do and be excited about. Somehow teaching has turned out to be more exciting and fultilling than I expected.

Work and more work... wanted to meet up with the gals to give them the invites and catch up but work has been overwhelming lately... sorry gals.. Major committments in work:

2 CCA - vetting of CCA stuff, budgeting, eventssssssssss
NE com to do LJ and meeting
Science retreat committee
Prelim marking (OMG... got P2, P3 and H1)
Civics - testimonial and reference letter!!! another load of work to do
My newly assigned role (TBA)

And the most impt one... Wedding prep!!!!!!!

Nicky jia you jia you!! I think the more overloaded I am, the better I work hahaha oops. ok go relax while i can before marking again...

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Sunday, September 7th, 2008
10:49 pm - of running and wedding....
Hum... I have been feeling a little under the weather lately

somehow just always having sore throat and sneezing. Non stop, when one goes away, the other comes. Hope it doesn't develop into a cough.

I realised recently that running is not a bad as I thought it was. Ran 3km the other day in the park and felt quite good about it. I realised after the first 2 km, the rest seems like a breeze. I stop running because the sun was peaking out. I just got more cao4 ta1 lately after the Field trip to st john... better keep sun to the minimum if I wanna be a fair princess for the wedding. Arghhhhhhh

Oh back to my running, I am starting to consider going for those short run (eg 5 km) next time. hehhe

Wedding prep has to go on... argh...... so many things crop up. Dear was sick for 3 days in the hols, room was not pack... or not very much of it. Printing of wedding cards got delayed due to all the changes in the hotel name and both side not getting info and stuff!!! Irritated with many ppl coming after me for the wedding invitation. This sort of delayed my sending out of info to all frds too. Argh... the chinese ceremony is another headache... So much pain for a happily ever after... ONE MORE MONTH NICKY!!!

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Sunday, August 31st, 2008
1:05 pm - Chinese Painting class
I have just started with my chinese painting class with my Dear.

For our first lesson, we were taught to draw bamboo! here is my art work!

Painted by Nicky but the words were written by my teacher. Quite proud of my new work...

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
11:05 am - Wedding photos

We viewed our photos again just yesterday to look at the layout of the printed book. hum.... will say it is ok only . But nicky happy enough to be able to keep all the selected softcopy! heheh post some here for you guys to see!

This is our chosen wedding photo. Hum... decided to choose a conventional photo to blow up cos we wanted to see details of my wedding gown and our happy faces.

This is the Dong Fang Bu Bai wedding gown!!! Nicky likes it but Dear dun. hehhe he says his hair looks weird cos of the band. Hummm. just noticed I uploaded the wrong pic thus can;t see the design on my gown. Nvm... you guys can look at it on my wedding day!

This is my fav for the Victorian Gown. hehe it showed Nicky's new shoes too!!! look how happy we are! hahah it was fun taking all these photos.

This is Nicky alone. A must take for all brides. hahah when I look at it, the all efforts to keep weight down is worth it!!!

This is my outdoor gown. We decided to choose sth short and black and white. it is quite close to my ROM gown... Love all the photo we took outdoor. Very pretty!!! 

Did not upload our casual and evening gown photo as the files are too large... Anyway, you guys gets to see them on 13 OCT-- our BIG DAY.

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